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Our Environmental Practices

Dedicated to Sound Environmental Practices

Be environmentally responsible. Take a proactive approach to protect the environment. Meet the requirements of environmental law and regulations. At Sheridan, this is part of our routine business process. Each location identifies and implements environmentally friendly practices as appropriate and routinely reviews operations in an effort to reduce our environmental impact.

All Sheridan companies:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations as required by local, state and federal factions.
  • Source printing papers from responsible mills and distributors that are certified with at least one certification from an independent third party verification.
  • Make ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, reuse energy and resources, minimize waste during the manufacturing process and recycle 100% of scraps, trash, cartridges, equipment, and solvents whenever possible.
  • Ensure that no unfair or child labor has been used to produce the raw materials that we purchase.
  • Secure materials from sources that provide fair and acceptable working conditions for the employees of our suppliers and their suppliers.
  • Work to identify potential environmental risks and implement appropriate means to control such risks.
  • Make efforts to educate our employees, customers, and suppliers about environmental issues relevant to the industry.
  • Empower employees to take responsibility for awareness and control of environmental issues relating to their specific jobs.

Doing our part to improve the world we live in.