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Hunt Valley, MD – With a continued commitment to provide faster, easier, and more accurate ordering, Sheridan Select’s innovative data interchange with publisher systems now broadens the scope of data intake to include all pertinent details of a print and bind order. This automated enhancement eliminates the need for the submission of a physical print and bind order, or the need for someone to key-in the necessary specifications.

This significant enhancement allows publishers to place a book or journal order (print on demand or traditional print), set up new titles and provide print file retrieval instructions through a single signal exchange. Sheridan Select ingests the data, retrieves content and associated metadata from the publisher’s system(s), and routes the content and print order instructions to the print facility for manufacturing.

Eric Biggins, Sheridan Technology Solutions Manager, commented, “This update reflects Sheridan’s ongoing commitment to provide solutions that support our publisher’s increasing interest in streamlining processes and reducing transaction costs. By replacing the decades-old model of human readable print and bind orders, there is tremendous opportunity for publishers to reduce manual touchpoints, improve accuracy, and increase overall efficiency in print ordering and management.”


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