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Hanover, PA – Using the technology available through Sheridan’s Electronic Content Services, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS) has been able to expand its product offerings to include anthologies available in both electronic and print-on-demand formats.

Utilizing Sheridan Connect, a custom branded eCommerce site was created for JBJS allowing for the sale of electronic and print-on-demand journal anthologies direct to consumers from the JBJS website. Sheridan compiled articles as directed by JBJS into topical anthologies and converted the files to ePub and MobiPocket format. When an electronic order is placed, the title is made instantly available for download while print orders are produced by Sheridan via on-demand printing and shipped directly to the consumer. Payment processing is also handled by Sheridan.

JBJS is pleased to offer quick and easy access to curated collections of articles and supplements from The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery on topics of importance and enduring interest for orthopaedic surgeons and allied health-care professionals. The “Need to Know” series consists of JBJS articles deemed noteworthy and evidence-based. The “Enduring Interest” series contains selected supplements to JBJS, most of which were first published online only, that are of continued relevance and value.

Betsy Bellar, Director of the JBJS Product Line, explained, “Sheridan is a trusted JBJS partner and was an easy choice for our eBook conversion and delivery of these important collections, as well as for the on-demand printing. They offer the full range of services we need and made it simple to get the store up and running.”

Tim Hurd, Technology Director at The Sheridan Press commented, “Sheridan is pleased to partner with JBJS on this outstanding initiative. Outsourcing of this service takes advantage of Sheridan’s sophisticated eCommerce platform and POD interface to provide JBJS another channel to extend valuable content to their readership.”


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