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Hunt Valley, MDBlood, the Journal of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) and the most cited peer-reviewed publication in the hematology field is now available in the iTunes App Store as a downloadable, full-text application and will soon be available in the Android Market. By downloading the Blood app, journal subscribers can keep up to date with full-text articles and news from this seminal publication while on the go.

Dartmouth Journal Services, with support from The Sheridan Technology Group, was enlisted by ASH to create the Blood app for both the iOS and Android platforms (Android app available in Spring 2012). Both will offer an extensive feature set, including access to First Editions, full-text articles, and supplemental material plus article bookmarking, social media sharing, and full-text search.

New in this version of the Sheridan full-text app offering, the article list view will include iconography – a selection of icons that provide an immediate visual indicator if an article is a First Edition, public access, includes supplemental material, or has been previously bookmarked by the user. At launch, the app will provide free access to all content for an introductory period and then will move to full-access control with authentication for both individual and institutional subscribers as well as Society members.

“The Blood journal app allows ASH to provide the top hematology research through yet another channel to meet the needs of our diverse membership,” said ASH Senior Director of Publishing Nina Hoffman. “This app provides maximum flexibility to users, allowing them to download full issues of Blood on their devices and access them at any time, regardless of Internet connectivity, a feature not readily available with many other journal apps.”

“This year we will once again see monumental growth in the number of mobile users. With that growth comes increasing demand from mobile users to access, consume, and interact with content wherever and whenever they wish. With the release of the Blood journal app, ASH has positioned their organization to meet the current needs and growing expectations of their users. We are pleased to be a part of their success and look forward to assisting them in their ongoing efforts.” said Michael Hepp, Senior Technology Strategist at Dartmouth Journal Services.

As the demand for mobile platforms has increased, Sheridan has responded with a number of mobile options, including Sheridan Mobile Alerts, Sheridan Mobile Editions, Sheridan Mobile ePrints, and Sheridan Print-to-Mobile QR Codes.


About The American Society of Hematology
The American Society of Hematology (ASH) is the world’s largest professional society concerned with the causes and treatment of blood disorders. The mission of ASH is to further the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders affecting blood, bone marrow, and the immunologic, hemostatic, and vascular systems by promoting research, clinical care, education, training, and advocacy in hematology. The official journal of ASH is Blood, the most cited peer-reviewed publication in the field, available weekly in print and online. www.hematology.org

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