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Hunt Valley, MD — More advertising opportunities, more prominent branding, and fluid, integrated navigation are the key enhancements to Sheridan’s powerful STM Journal Mobile Apps.

Mobile AppsSheridan’s single journal or multiple title apps now feature a fresh look and feel, with more intuitive navigation and easier access to content. Home screen navigation enhancements include a redesigned and publisher-configurable tile display, more prominent cover display, an app banner, a large ad placement, and quick links to sections within the issue.

A new high-definition Issue Cover Display slider lets viewers scroll through cover images to navigate to the issue they are seeking. The slider also features a large banner ad opportunity, and a publish-ahead-of-print quick link.

A new categorized Table of Content (TOC) view is now available. Articles are displayed in a tile format for easy navigation, with one tile featuring the complete list of articles in the issue. A user can quickly navigate between article categories with a swipe or by using the category picker. The cover is prominently displayed and there is a new medium rectangle ad placement opportunity. TOC, articles, search results and bookmarked pages utilize the entire device display area. Also new is a publisher-configured Feeds grouping tile, which provides easy access to things like publisher social media channels, news feeds, annual meeting abstracts, most cited or read articles, image banks, etc.

Theresa Lighty, Sheridan Technology Solutions Product Manager, commented on the enhancements, “Any designer can tell you, the strength of a design is its ability to be invisible. When planning this user interface upgrade, the team focused on just that, UI invisibility. The result is a scholarly content app where the technology does not stand in the way of the science.”


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