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Hunt Valley, MD – Sheridan has launched ArticleExpress™, a new patent-pending workflow for STM publishers that replaces the traditional PDF-based article proof with a fully editable, browser-based, HTML proofing environment. In this new workflow, authors, editors, and publishers can easily review and directly edit article content in a browser application while still maintaining the structure of the underlying XML. In addition to reviewing and editing traditional article content, the HTML presentation allows authors to review online-only elements such as multi-media content, supplemental material, and a variety of linked elements.

The ArticleExpress online editing environment combines standard word processing tools with advanced editing tools that permit straightforward editing or insertion of citations, references, footnotes, math equations and a range of other structured elements. ArticleExpress also includes a unique collaboration feature that lets the corresponding author share secure links with co-authors and manages the collaborative review process.

While the content editing process is simple and easy for authors, publishers need not worry about unwanted or excessive edits making it through to publication. ArticleExpress includes a comprehensive change tracking system that allows the production editor to review all edits and accept, reject, or modify changes as appropriate.

In addition to the browser-based editing environment, ArticleExpress also includes a fully-automated, XML-based composition system that produces a PDF for download and review, as well as final PDFs for print and online delivery. As changes to content are introduced, reviewed, and approved through the web-editing environment, the underlying XML is automatically updated and revised PDF proofs are instantaneously generated. So while traditional composition and proof review processes can get bogged down in rounds of proof correction and review, ArticleExpress streamlines the process completely, thus bringing published content to audiences more rapidly.

This Sheridan-developed workflow revolutionizes content production while creating a vastly improved author experience.

Mike Hepp, Director of Technology Strategy at Dartmouth Journal Services, said “ArticleExpress represents a significant step forward in the scholarly publication process. It leverages all the benefits of an XML-first workflow while providing authors, editors and publishers with a more streamlined and user-friendly proof review process than was ever attainable with traditional composed PDFs.”


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