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Hunt Valley, MD – Sheridan has expanded its automated print management system, Sheridan SelectTM, to include a self-service component granting publishers the ability to upload a book or journal title and place a print-on-demand (POD) order within a single transaction.

Upon logging in to the Sheridan Select portal and initiating a POD order, publishers are now provided the ability to define and order brand new titles in addition to selecting from their existing titles. They are guided through an easy-to-use title setup process with dropdown menus that help define their product. Once the title setup is complete, they attach print files, and place their order. The entire process takes only a few minutes to complete, presenting significant time savings and efficiency to publishers. Once the print files arrive in the Sheridan Electronic Warehouse (making them available for future orders) the pending order is automatically cleared for print. Orders are fed directly to Sheridan’s digital print division for automated POD and fulfillment.

“For book and journal publishers looking for true self-service convenience, this new feature set enables them to quickly and easily define products and immediately place orders in a single transaction, allowing them to move on to the next task at hand,” remarks Eric Biggins, Sheridan Technology Solutions Manager. “With just a few clicks, a publisher can now define and order a new custom collection book title, or setup an online only journal for print. It’s as simple as: Click. Upload. Order. Print.”

About Sheridan
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