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Hunt Valley, MD — Sheridan has been selected to be the sole source copyediting and production partner for the Endocrine Society’s (ES), industry leading publications for practitioners, international and national scientific researchers, government health policy legislators, and the general public.

Sheridan will help ES deploy a new workflow for the newly launched Journal of the Endocrine Society, an open access journal that will begin publication in the fall of 2016. Sheridan will provide copyediting, composition, electronic deliverables, and/or print production services beginning with 2017 issues of Endocrine News, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, Endocrine Reviews, Endocrinology, and supplemental article collections, meeting publications, and educational products. Additionally, Sheridan will provide back issue warehousing, web based back issue inventory management, electronic billing, and author reprint services.

Dr. Richard O’Grady, Endocrine Society Chief Publications Officer, offered these thoughts regarding the decision to move to Sheridan, “The success and growth of our global publishing program depends, as do the requirements of our members, authors, and readers, on top-quality editing, composition, printing, and electronic delivery services. We look forward to partnering with Sheridan on these exciting and necessary advances.”

Paul Bozuwa, Sheridan Chief Sales Officer, also commented, “Sheridan is honored to have been selected by the Endocrine Society for the preparation and production of their journals and supplemental publications. This relationship is the culmination of a collaborative workflow analysis involving a broad range of management and staff from both organizations. We are delighted to be affiliated with the skilled professionals and prestigious journals of the Endocrine Society. From our first workflow discussions through the presentation of our proposal, we demonstrated that we remain fully committed to the journal market. Sheridan continues to invest in the people, facilities, equipment, and technologies that are important to publishers of scholarly content.”


About the Endocrine Society
The Endocrine Society is the world’s oldest and largest organization of scientists devoted to hormone research and physicians who care for people with hormone-related conditions. The Society, which is celebrating its centennial in 2016, has more than 18,000 members, including scientists, physicians, educators, nurses and students in 122 countries. To learn more about the Society and the field of endocrinology, visit our site at www.endocrine.org. Follow us on Twitter at @TheEndoSociety and @EndoMedia.

About Sheridan
Sheridan remains the journal specialist among editorial services/composition/printing service providers in the US STM publishing marketplace. With four US based facilities to serve over 3,500 peer reviewed journals in the stages between accepted manuscript and print/mobile distribution, Sheridan maintains an unparalleled commitment to services, technology, and resources designed for and directed to journals. www.sheridan.com.