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White Paper: 6 Smart Ways to Increase Ad Revenue

White Paper

6 Smart Ways to Increase Ad Revenue

6 Smart Ways to Increase Ad Revenue.  Delivering what marketers want in print and digital ads.

Webinar: magazines Innovative Revenue Streams 10/01/15

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Innovative Revenue Streams

Publishers share their unique, successful revenue models!


Magazine Printing – A New Generation of Readers, a New Generation of Technology

Publishers of print and electronic magazines have a lot to keep up with. Ever-changing delivery options, declining advertising and subscription numbers, rolling deadlines. It’s certainly never slow.

But Sheridan can help. We’re leaders in the magazine printing business, and we have the publishing and technical expertise to ease your workload and successfully launch you into the next generation of magazine dissemination. 

We offer the most advanced  tools – including mobile apps, mobile  editions, and mobile ePrints – to be sure that you reach your readers through the most convenient, immediate, and user-friendly platforms available. In addition, our tools – custom-designed around your unique requirements – will astound you with their ability to streamline production and reduce costs.

Sheridan helps you keep your long-standing readers and discover new ones. We present you with exciting opportunities that can grow subscription numbers and increase advertising dollars.

In short, we introduce you to the future of magazine printing. 

Picture Perfect

Magazines produced at Sheridan Magazines signify quality: 

  • We use high-speed offset sheetfed and web presses as well as digital presses to create superior publications.
  • Our flexibility accommodates print runs of one to 80,000. 
  • We produce saddle-stitched and perfect-bound titles with a wide variety of trim sizes and frequencies, ranging from weekly to annually.
  • We easily accommodate inserts, outserts, tip-ons, and bellybands, among other features.
  • We’re experts at taking your magazine digital as well as mobile.

We Have an App for That 

Many popular magazines have embraced electronic distribution in search of new audiences and new revenue streams, and our special-interest and association customers are no exception. 

Electronic magazines allow for a more interactive relationship with the reader. Our hugely popular Dynamic Edition ™ and Mobile Edition ™ applications give users immediate access to the content they want – and the ability to search it quickly – encouraging their subscription loyalty for the long term. 

Productivity Tools

At Sheridan, it’s about more than just printing or digitizing your work.  As your trusted partner, we make it our business to learn about your history, your audience, and your goals, and we help you create a strategy to be successful.   

We offer powerful production tools to help you streamline the ad production process, saving you time and money even before you submit your print-ready files.  Best of all, we install software, offer training, and support your ongoing use of these powerhouses:  

  • SendMyAd® and AdCreator®
  • The Magazine Manager ™
  • Virtual Publisher ™
  • Sheridan Cloud ™

Time to Launch

Sheridan helps you with every aspect of magazine printing – from production to ad sales management to printing to distribution. We know the opportunity that electronic magazines present. We have the tools and knowledge to help traditional publishers expand their offerings and reap the rewards of today’s technology. And we’re experts in getting your audiences onboard and online. 

A new world of readers is out there. Let Sheridan help you reach them.

… I certainly appreciate the work you guys do and the help you have provided as we look to smooth out our own digital magazine presentation.
Bill Hayes
Managing Editor
Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants

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