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Keep Niche WeirdHow do I know? Niche Media’s 10th annual conference will be held in Austin, TX, on April 4th through the 6th. Those in the know about Austin, know that it has a distinct “weirdness factor” to it, and Austinites are fiercely proud of that reputation.

If ever two institutions were more alike than the delightfully non-conformist Niche conferences and the palpably creative vibe of Austin, I’m not aware of them.

Like the city’s “Keep Austin Weird” slogan, the culture of the Niche Media Conference is anything but average. For a decade, the founder and Grand Poobah of Niche Media, Inc., Carl Landau, and his super-team of media experts have delivered unique conference experiences for a unique magazine publishing community – that of niche publications. The enthusiast nature of this publishing segment makes it the perfect consumer for Carl and team’s high energy, passion-infused conference recipe.

Here’s what you need to know about Niche Media:

  • Attendance is capped at 250 attendees so that people can really interact with one another.
  • There are 3 session tracks – 2 for publishers and 1 for ad sales staff – meaning there is something of value for every member of a publisher’s team.
  • Niche is known for its speed publishing session, akin to speed dating, but way more fun, and productive, too!
  • Speakers are industry rock stars. Whether service provider, thought-leader, or cutting-edge publisher, they come prepped, pumped, and ready to deliver the goods.
  • Despite its sometimes kooky and party-like atmosphere (and the safe bet that you’ll have a good time), Niche Media continues to be the conference that attendees say they value for connections, contacts, and ideas they put into play when they return to their jobs.

Sheridan will be there, mingling among our peers and prospects, and of course, looking to talk to all enthusiast publishers in attendance because we have a service or two that matters to those looking for quality content partners.

In fact, we will be offering a FREE 3-day pass to the conference for one lucky winner. Look for an email from us in the near future with your chance to enter.

So niche magazine publishers, after hearing about this don’t-miss-it event and the absolute certainty that you’d come away with ideas you can turn into actual revenue, why would you not want to make the scene?

I mean, that’s just weird.

Want a sneak peek at plans for Niche Media 2016? Here you go… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtFv2Dr3Om4&feature=youtu.be

Need more Niche? How about a decade’s worth??? https://youtu.be/7R5cDnWzOf4

2016 Niche Media Conference

2016 Agenda

And, just for grins, want to know more about what makes Austin weird? Enjoy! http://www.keepaustinweird.com/