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Producing a publication is like wrestling an octopus: Every time you pin down an arm, another reaches up to grab you. It can be difficult for publishers to keep up with the seemingly infinite number of tasks that go into creating a successful publication. Generating varied content for print and digital readers, optimizing publications for multiple formats, selling and tracking ads, managing resources, containing costs … the list goes on and on.

Is there a way to make it all more manageable?

Yes, and Sheridan Magazines can help.

Virtual Publisher

Get the right tool
Virtual Publisher is a suite of tools from Blanchard Systems that helps publishers plan, create, and approve all elements of a publication’s multichannel production process for print, Web, and mobile — all from a Web browser-based portal. The toolset consists of four modules:

  • Planning — Includes easy-to-use tools for issue planning for both print and digital publications.
  • Editorial — Provides story synchronization and management, editor approval, and delivery of finished pages or folios. Fully integrates with Adobe InDesign.
  • Layout — Provides automated Ad and Editorial list import management, flatplan creation and management, online “stitching” of advertising to editorial pages, ad-to-editorial ratio tracking, paper stock management, online dummy generations, and support for versions, regions, and A/B splits.
  • Advertising — Integrates with Sheridan Magazines’ SendMyAd® online ad submission and verification portal.

Best of all, these tools are not separate. Virtual Publisher is a single, real-time project management, production, and delivery portal. You’ll eliminate redundancies in your workflow while making it easier to get the information you need every step of the way.

And because Virtual Publisher is cloud-based, you don’t have to install or administer any software, keeping your costs low.

Get it through Sheridan
Virtual Publisher is fully supported through Sheridan Magazines’ Digital Services Team. Customers who purchase the suite of tools through The Sheridan Group receive a discount and ongoing support. We will help with product setup, the transition from your previous systems, and troubleshooting and maintenance.