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Sponsored content has received some bad press over the years.

Home Depot Cat

Sometimes it’s so slick that readers can feel like they’re being tricked into believing questionable information. Other efforts are stiff, stilted, and so poorly formatted that with one glance, the reader is turned off. Yet some sponsored content is upfront, unabashed, and truly informational while also clearly supporting a process, product, or brand. But there’s a new approach to consider, and maybe it’s time we all just lighten up…

TV advertising sets a great example in the growing trend of brands poking fun at themselves. A recent spot on Good Morning America highlights just a few: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/advertising-trend-companies-making-fun-27359844

So why not let your content consumers in on the joke?

Captain Obvious

My favorite commercials use humor and self-deprecation to get you to want the product. Anyone else out there get a laugh over Hotels.com’s Captain Obvious being so stupifyingly obvious? Just me? OK; well anyway, why not employ the same technique with native advertising?

Targeted advertising coupled with valuable marketing content doesn’t have to be dry or suspect.

Weaving humor into your native advertising ensures it will get read. After all, the basis of good native advertising is knowing your target audience – how they think, what they respond to. The Onion definitely knows their readers, and the publication and their advertisers are using this technique with stunning success:

http://adage.com/article/media/onion-people-read-sponsored content/298745/?utm_source=mediaworks&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=adage&ttl=1433273718

Yes, good native advertising is about full disclosure – but a sense of humor doesn’t hurt!

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