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There are so many positive indicators out there today in support of native advertising. Are you realizing the benefits of this boom?

75% of marketers (read advertisers) recently polled by emarketer.com claim that native advertising will be a vibrant piece of their ad mix for the next 4 – 6 years. Why? Because those who’ve embraced it know how much readers love it, and they’re reaping the rewards of demonstrably greater business opportunities. It’s becoming a classic win-win-win for publishers, advertisers, and consumers.

Our friend and industry consultant Ryan Dohrn takes a few minutes in the video below to tell us how to do it right, by creating an environment of trust and believability for readers which informs good purchasing decisions. Click on the video screen to watch.

Video 10: Native Advertising (a.k.a. Paid Content)
Native Advertsing


Karaoke, anyone?

Believe it or not, the reference does relate to native advertising. A recent blog post in Mediapost made the correlation in a cautionary tale on tone, observing that a lot of native advertising today is in a “karaoke state” because it doesn’t read, look, or feel like the rest of the magazine. The take-away: it’s critical that publishers maintain the tone and style of their magazine brand within paid advertising. Put advertorial content through the same editorial process as the rest of the magazine; maintaining the level of quality and voice your readers expect. After all, there’s a reason advertisers choose your publication. Don’t let your paid content be a poorly performed version of your magazine’s tone, or credibility could suffer.