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Understanding Magazine Overs and Unders

Most magazine printers will apply a notation to their quote specifying their “overs and unders” policy when producing your magazine. What exactly does that mean? And why are “overs” and “unders”...

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Paper Dummies are a Smart Idea

Page counts going up? Coming down? Are you considering a different trim size? Or maybe changing the basis weights of your papers, adding a cover wrap, French gate, or eight page cover? Paper dummies...

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Press Proofs: A Primer

Publishers have three basic options for proofing their publications before going to press; soft proofs, hard proofs, or “color approval” hard proofs. Soft proofs (often called PDF proofs) are pages...

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Paper Matters

Paper. It not only carries your message, it plays a key role in your reader’s impression and connection to your magazine. From its look, to its feel, to the impact it has on image reproduction,...

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Does Your Cover Connect With Readers?

When readers choose a print magazine over an online version, it’s usually a tactile thing. They want to hold it in their hands, turn the pages, carry it around. Have you noticed the tactilely...

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