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eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce: Connect Consumers to Your Content

There may be a market for your journal content beyond your subscriber mailing.  Have you considered direct to consumer sales?  Good news; Sheridan can help you build a platform for consumer sales right from your website.  Sell your content – whether print or electronic – and extend your reach, build awareness, and tap into another lucrative revenue stream. Three eCommerce platforms give you options:

  1. Sheridan Connect: Sell print and electronic content directly to consumers from a fully hosted and branded eCommerce site.
  2. Publisher Connect: Transparently integrate eBook and print fulfillment with your current eCommerce site.
  3. ShelfWise®: Built for authors and small publishers, this Sheridan offering provides an easy and affordable outlet to sell eBooks through an aggregate eStore.

Best of all, Sheridan is there for you every step of the way – helping you determine which solution fits best, then getting your eCommerce system up and running smoothly!