Sheridan has Revolutionized the Article Workflow

Finally, an article workflow for authors and editors that eliminates the cumbersome, redundant process of editing the print-ready PDF.

ArticleExpress™ allows authors to make edits directly to their content without knowing XML. Structured elements like citations and references are edited through forms that make changes easy for authors to apply while also ensuring that the underlying XML is updated correctly. Advanced editing tools let users insert a range of new structured elements into an article while still maintaining the XML structure.

Easy Editing and Collaboration

ArticleExpress widgets let users navigate, question or respond, insert comments, and access tutorials. For instance, the Author Query widget allows the user to find the query location within the article and respond appropriately. Comments can be inserted anywhere in the article, and are easily edited and deleted. The collaboration system lets corresponding authors share and manage access to their article with co-authors.

Publisher Control

Editing is easy for authors, but unwanted or excessive edits won’t make it through to publication without your approval. The comprehensive change-tracking system lets the production editor review all changes and accept, reject, or modify them before proceeding to publication.

ArticleExpress focuses on the HTML presentation, but we haven’t forgotten the importance of the composed PDF. The fully automated, XML-based composition system generates professionally composed PDFs for authors to download and review.

ArticleExpress. It’s time to improve your submitting authors’ experience, to streamline and simplify, and to embrace a better workflow. Contact your Sales Professional today.