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Google Scholar Archiving

We recently added a feature that allows for the inclusion of a link on a page that will provide a full set of links to the archive of a journal or a collection. This was done to provide a more efficient way for Google to crawl a site and ensure that all of the content has been found. You can see this feature here:


It’s the ‘All Site Content’ link at the very bottom of the page.

Moving forward, it is best practice to put this link on a page that Google can easily find.

NOTE: Do not try to hide the link by putting it off the page or making it the same as the background color. This will make it look like a link that is trying to game the Google page rank scheme, and will get the site negatively flagged.

Advanced Search – Do We Still Need It?

In looking at usage statistics, advanced search consistently gets very little usage. Given how little it is used, we think it is a real question whether or not the platform should continue to support it.

We can configure the platform to provide the main feature that is missing from regular search. This feature is the ability to chain search terms together and to target which section of the content a term should be relevant for. Given that we can provide all of the functionality of advanced search through quick search and the filters on the search results page, how much of an issue would it be for your users if we removed advanced search from the platform?

Vivian Berghahn Interview – S20 Initiative

Vivian Berghahn gave a really interesting interview to Kent Andersen for his Geyser blog, about Berghahn’s ‘subscribe to open’ initiative. This is a must-read for folks considering OA, especially in fields outside of STM:


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