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We thought we would add a new section in this issue of the Spotlight that would delve into more details around select new platform features and how to make use of them. This was suggested to us by a Spotlight reader and then validated by the positive feedback we received on the Features webinar we hosted this past May. Keep a lookout for an invitation to our next Features webinar; it’s forthcoming.

Silent Tokens

Silent tokens are a way to make use of the token functionality in the platform to encourage folks to register on the site without having to hand out and manage tokens. Instead, the token can be embedded in a link and sent out through an email campaign.

Step 1: Create a token batch

In the AMS, create a token batch that is as large as needed for the email campaign. Use a single-valued token and limit the number of redemptions to the number of email addresses that you are sending to:

Add Token Batch

Associate the token batch with an offer that gives access to some set of content for a period of time of your choosing.

Step 2: Create a landing page for the campaign

Use the Management Portal to create a landing page for the campaign. You can use the new checkbox to set the page to render full page, which is often “best practice” for landing pages:

Add Static Page

Step 3: Embed token in content links

In either the email itself or in the landing page, embed the token into content links using the “redeem Token” parameter as follows:

Example Link

Users clicking these links will be asked to sign in or register. Having done that, they will be directed to the selected content. Once signed in, the user will be able to access all the content associated with the offer for the time period set by the offer.


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