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The following is an update on the roadmap items that we announced in the last issue.


Report Builder – 2019

A significant portion of this work has been completed but unfortunately, we have had to delay the complete implementation until the COUNTER 5 work is finished.


We had / will have two platform upgrades to handle the COUNTER 5 work. The first upgrade happened just before Christmas. It ensures that we are logging the data that needs to be stored for the C5 reports. We are in the final testing phase of the follow-up release, which will add the C5 reports UI to the AMS.


Discovery continues to be one of the most important areas of investment for the PubFactory platform. At this point, there are a number of issues with Google Scholar and metadata that we are addressing.

Google/Google Scholar Support

Google Scholar has several features that have the potential to significantly improve the discoverability of your digital content. By default, these require approval from you, the publisher. Please discuss with your Project Manager which of these items you may be interested in activating through PubFactory.

One of the most meaningful capabilities that we strongly recommend you consider is activation of Google Subscriber linking. If your institutional account subscription data is provided to Google Scholar via PubFactory or from your internal publishing systems, full text links can be provided to users who are within the appropriate IP ranges. This is arguably a nice feature, but the real benefit is that Google Scholar is seeing a 30-40% increase in click-throughs on results with full text links. If you have concerns about providing this data to Google Scholar, you should know that over 200 publishers have opted into this service.

If you would like to better understand the costs vs. benefits, please consult with your Project Manager.

NOTE: There is a small PubFactory maintenance charge to support this.


Work is proceeding on the Hoard project. At this point, we are ingesting select content types into a source database. We will keep you abreast of developments as work continues.