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PubFactory versions 127-138 were released in Q3 & Q4 of 2019. The following highlights the most interesting enhancements included in these releases. For more detailed information, see the release notes and platform documentation. I’ve added the version number for when each enhancement was added to the platform to make it easier for you to determine whether your current version includes the enhancement or not.

Content Rendering Enhancements

Title Labels in BITS Content (v127)

We now support ingesting title labels as well as title names for TOCs. The label is displayed right before the title and placed within the same element as the title.

Options have been added to both the title primitive block and the TOC component:

Title label settings

The delimiter between title label and the title is configurable. The region key is below:


The delimiter between the enumeration and title has also been made configurable. The region key is below:


Default is set to two whitespace characters for both.

License Control for Supplemental Data (v129)

We now allow the supplemental material resource-manifest or an individual resource within the manifest to have a license attribute of “open” or “free” to indicate that it is licensed differently from its containing content. Here’s an example:

License attribute example

Who should be interested
This means that it is now possible to provide some materials to everyone whether or not they have access to the content. We currently have publishers using this to provide journal level materials that they want to offer for free to anyone, but this feature can be used with any content type.

Improve Supplemental Display (v132)

We have added four new toggles in the Supplemental Material widget:

  • Paper Mode: Display each entry on a strip of paper that is elevated from the page
  • Render Category Icon
  • Render Category Label
  • Group By File Category: As stated, only sort within resource manifest group

Example display:

Supplemental Material widget

Who should be interested
This will be of interest if you have content with large numbers of supplementary files.

Layout Editor Enhancements

Box Background Properties (v130)

We have added a group of settings to configure background images for the Box component.

Box background properties

Supported fields:

  • Background image – Choose what type of background image the box should have. The simplest usage is to attach the url of an image: e.g., url(“fileasset/xx_logo.png”). You can also fill the box with gradients: e.g., linear-gradient(#e66465, #9198e5)
  • Background position – The position is relative to the position layer set by background origin.
  • Background size – The image can be left to its natural size, stretched, or constrained to fit the available space. Default value is Auto, which displays the image in its original size. See CSS documentation for the full range of values.
  • Background repeat – A background image can be repeated along the horizontal and vertical axes, or not repeated at all. Allowed values include: repeat, repeat-x, repeat-y, no-repeat. See CSS documentation for the full range of possible values.
  • Background origin – The background origin CSS property sets the background’s origin from the border start, inside the border, or inside the padding.
  • Background clip – The background clip CSS property determines whether an element’s background extends underneath its border box, padding box, or content box.
  • Background attachment – The background attachment CSS property determines whether a background image’s position is fixed within the viewport, or scrolls with its containing block. The default is to scroll with the page.

Who should be interested
If you are using the PubFactory configurable templates and want to enliven your site design with background images, gradients, or colors, this feature is worth investigating.

DeepDyve Button Component (v130)

There is now a configurable layout component for the DeepDyve button.

You can now add this to index cards and content pages. This will enable a button to allow users to rent content through their service. Publishers are responsible for contracting with DeepDyve to set up the functionality on their end.

Configurable layout component for the DeepDyve button

Who should be interested
If you are interested in contracting with and using DeepDyve functionality, it is now easy to support on content pages.

Available Components Layout Engine UI Change (v133)

Because we have added so many new button blocks, we have reworked the UI for displaying the available components in the Layout Engine UI. Now these display in a tab panel with tabs for “Composed”, “Button”, “Primitive”, “Style”, and “Static” blocks:

Layout Engine UI

New Components Available on Index Card and Content Page Layouts (v133)

All components available on index cards are now available on content page layouts. Additionally, many components that used to only be on the content pages are now also available on the index card.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to make these two share all of the same components because of some issues in the underlying technology.

The following summarizes the changes:

New Components Available on Index Card and Content Page Layouts

LuxId (Cogito) Similarity Service and Widget (v136)

We have had a custom integration with the LuxId (Cogito) semantic enrichment engine from Expert Systems (previously TEMIS) similarity service for many years.

This has been fully abstracted to be used in base PubFactory with Configurable layouts with the new LuxId Related Documents widget. This should make it possible for other publishers to integrate with LuxId/Cogito much more easily.

LuxId Related Documents Block Settings

Configuration options are included for display fields, filters, and number of items to show. If Header Text is left blank, then the Series Description will be used as the header (<ifp:series>).

The following layout:

LuxId Layout

. . .will generate the following display. Notice that the LuxId widget was used three times to retrieve three different sets of related content:

LuxId Display

Who should be interested
If you are considering exploring semantic enrichment and/or more advanced related content tagging, this enhancement could be of interest. We would be happy to make introductions to the folks at Expert Systems to investigate if their technology could be usefully applied.

Content Loading Enhancements

PubMed Deposits – Include Both Electronic and Print Publication Dates (v131)

Previously PubFactory only supplied the electronic publication date if there was no print publication date, to PubMed.

With this enhancement, we now supply both the print and electronic publication dates if provided, which triggers the PubMed Print + Electronic citation display on their site.

Virtual Issue Files Loaded into their own Article-Specific Directories (v131)

We now load all articles in virtual issues (such as AOP) to article-specific directories. This applies to all JATS articles.

In order to make this work better for existing clients, we have created a cleanup pipe to move already-loaded files into these directories.

Who should be interested
If you have journals with large numbers of AOP/PAP articles, this feature makes it much easier to manage moving subsets of those articles to an issue.

Loader Jobs can be Broken Up over Folder Sub Items (v132)

We added a loader option to automatically break up jobs over the contents of a given folder.

Loader jobs can be broken up over folder sub items

Checking this box will create one instance of the desired job for each item in any folder selected.

This option can be used for scheduled jobs as well as jobs that start immediately.

If any selection is not a folder, then the job will execute directly on that selection.

This option does not crawl the tree, so if you have a folder structure that goes layers deep, it will only go one level down to process the job on immediate sub items only.

This feature will likely mean many more jobs in the job log. To deal with that, we have also enhanced the filtering options on the jobs page so that users can search for:

  • jobs run by the current user,
  • a string,
  • jobs from a certain date,
  • and/or jobs of a given status.

Jobs & Logs

Who should be interested
If you regularly run content loading ingestion jobs over a large number of folders and those jobs take a long time to run, this enhancement means that if for any reason that job is forced to stop, you no longer have to rerun the entire job. It also means that since the job is broken up into many slower jobs, it is possible to push another job into the queue ahead of these jobs.

NLM Mixed Citations no Longer Formatted by PubFactory (v134)

Many clients have complained about the PubFactory formatting of <mixed-citation>. Since <mixed-citation> generally includes all the punctuation and spacing desired, we have changed the platform to present these citations as they are, instead of trying to add additional formatting.

<element-citation> and <nlm-citation> are not affected by this change.

Who should be interested
Publishers who use <mixed-citation> in their NLM/JATS journal or NLM/BITS book tagging.

JATS/NLM/BITS Table Support for Inline Display of Images and Fullscreen HTML Popover (v135)

When JATS/NLM content is provided with a <table-wrap> element that has an <alternatives> tag within it, PubFactory will default to rendering the table inline as one (or more) images. A link will provide a popover that renders the table full screen as HTML.

Tables that do not use the <alternatives> tag will display as they always have.


alternatives tag sample

New supported tagging:

New supported tagging sample

Image display:

HTML popover image display

Who should be interested
If your content has big complicated tables and you are using NLM/JATS or NLM/BITS, this new support could be very useful. It allows a user to switch back and forth between HTML and image views of the table.

Other Platform Enhancements

New News Pages (v136)

We changed the layout of the news page so now it has a dropdown menu. Users can select the year in which the news article is published, then the page will display all the news for that particular year.

We are also displaying each article as a “container block”. Each item will have a border with a drop-shadow to differentiate it.

We are using new front-end technology for these pages which allows for faster load times, and dynamic display updates without the need for full page reloads. We expect this technology to be implemented across the entire front-end of the platform over the course of the next year.

News archive listing

Browser Support – Discontinued Versions (v131)

As a result of technical upgrades in our server infrastructure, we have been forced to discontinue support for the following old browser versions:

  • Safari 6 / iOS 6.0.1
  • Safari 7 / iOS 7.1
  • Safari 7 / OS X 10.9
  • Safari 8 / iOS 8.4
  • Safari 8 / OS X 10.10
  • Safari 5.1.9 / OS X 10.6.8
  • Android 2.3.7, 4.0.4, 4.1.1, 4.2.2, 4.3
  • IE 11 / Win Phone 8.1
  • Baidu Jan 2015
  • IE 6 / XP
  • IE 7 / Vista
  • IE 8 / XP
  • IE 8-10 / Win 7
  • IE 10 / Win Phone 8.0
  • Java 6u45, 7u25
  • OpenSSL 0.9.8y

Updated UI for Sent Alerts (v136)

The Management Portal now has a UI for viewing sent alerts. It’s a basic filterable/sortable table display. The “Data” column will show all of the JSON data that was fed to the email template when sending the alert email.

Sent alerts


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