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You likely have an online version of your journal, but are you missing out on the rich benefits it affords? It should be more than a mirror image of your print publication…

1) Keep It Fresh.

Late-breaking news or important information needn’t wait until the next print issue. Your online version is a living document that can be supplemented at any time with up-to-the-minute developments and announcements. You may even consider incorporating a regular online-only feature in this version, to entice members to go to online routinely for the additional content.

2) Be Intentional About Interactivity.

Your online version isn’t restricted by trim size. Nor is your reader engagement limited to a one-way conversation coupled with a few web links. The electronic issue can easily facilitate lively discussions and debates about topics of interest, giving members a chance to weigh in, share ideas, and truly create a community of peers. Use this interactive platform to conduct on-the-spot surveys or deliver event invitations. Video and audio supplemental content are perfect additions to your online articles as well.

3) Don’t Forget the Social Aspect.

There is an expectation today to be able to share important information with colleagues. Be sure your online articles provide all the popular social share platforms – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+1, email, etc. Adding a blog to your online presence (with regularly planned posts) amps up the social activity even more. Urge readers to bookmark the blog page so that they’re coming back for the latest posts and conversations.

4) Give Your Advertisers Something to Get Excited About.

Educate and excite your advertisers with the notion of gaining direct revenue opportunities through their online ad. With the creation of a dedicated landing page link, advertisers can grab some action: collect orders, provide demos, accept requests for sales calls, run contests… possibilities abound.

5) Get Analytical.

The #1 best thing about your online version is the data it yields. You know definitively what topics and features are hot, who is reading what, who’s sharing, who’s engaging. This is data “gold” if you use it to chart your course, identify your “super-readers”, and identify and cultivate specific groups. Plan to pore over the data before planning your next issue!