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Here at The Sheridan Press, we are entrusted with printing a stunning variety of publications, from top cited medical and scientific journals to niche-focused trade and specialty publications. Whether large or small, widely recognized or less so, quality and service are always our aim.

We are fortunate to host customers and prospects almost weekly at our plant. It’s one of the highlights of our operation, in fact − providing important feedback and an opportunity for each and every employee in the plant to shine. We are proud of what we do.

A few days ago, The Paris Review, only one of the most respected literary reviews in the world, came calling for a check of their 200th (!) issue on press. Imagine our delight when they posted a recap of their visit to their blog, complete with videos of their issue running on our presses. Check it out in the link below.


Thanks, Paris Review, and congratulations on your 200th issue! As a result of your visit and blog, a Paris-like Spring is definitely in the air at TSP!