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The Manzanar wildflowers of California, of course!

(Pictured above: Diabetes May Vol. 61, No. 5 cover, and the cover and selected photo shot from Sheridan’s POD photo book, Destinations.)

As a means of letting prospective customers experience Sheridan’s sleek Print-on-Demand (POD) system, Sheridan Digital Select™, Sheridan created an interactive experience allowing prospects to access the POD portal, select a perfect bound full-color one-off book, place the order, and have it sent directly to them.

Customer Christian Kohler, Managing Director of Scholarly Journals for the American Diabetes Association (ADA), was a recipient of this lovely book featuring the photography of Gary Kittredge, President and COO of Sheridan’s Dartmouth Journal Services. Nestled within was a stunning shot Gary took of wildflowers in Inyo County, California, circa 2003.

The ADA requested permission to use this photo on the cover of the May issue, much to our delight.

In January 2012, the ADA introduced a new cover look for their leading journal, featuring photography from readers. You can read more about this initiative, and view other recent Diabetes covers here: http://diabetes.diabetesjournals.org.

Sheridan is pleased to handle the print production of Diabetes, Diabetes Care, Diabetes Spectrum, and Clinical Diabetes as well as produce the full-text mobile app for these prominent journals.

To learn more about our powerful Print-on-Demand solution, Sheridan Digital Select, contact your Sheridan Journals representative.