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Are you considering moving your journal publications to an online-only format? As you consider that option, be aware that many subscribers still want the option to obtain a print copy. You need to have a strategy for meeting readers’ print copy needs before taking the online plunge, and Sheridan Journals has just the solution for you.

Sheridan Digital Select
Sheridan Digital Select offers a way to manage a transition to online publishing and beyond. This easy-to-use, highly automated print-on-demand (POD) service helps you control costs and realize new revenue opportunities. It can be the perfect complement to your online-only publishing strategy, accommodating those who want print without having to store extra paper copies.

Sheridan Digital Select

  • offers a true POD solution;
  • allows you to realize your objectives for zero inventory and with cost control;
  • meets your readers’ needs for print content, giving them exactly what they want, shipped directly to them; and
  • enables additional revenue through print orders of existing issues, as well as further potential for revenue through publication of custom publications or special issues.

How it works
To use the POD service, access the Digital Select portal and either upload print-ready files or choose a pre-loaded issue from the drop-down menu. Enter the desired number of copies (from 1 to 500) and the shipping information. The order is then printed and shipped through Sheridan’s Digital Express fulfillment system.

At Sheridan Journals, we understand the changing nature of publishing and content dissemination and will continue to provide smart solutions to fit your needs. Sheridan Digital Select bridges traditional print and online publishing. It will enable you to move to online-only publishing without neglecting readers who still want a printed copy. With Sheridan DigitalSelect, you can confidently offer your readers high quality print publications on demand.