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Hello everyone,

As follow-up to my STM Publishing innovations blog post earlier this year I am sending along a two-part blog entry by George Lossius, CEO at Publishing Technology. (www.publishingtechnology.com). George’s blog entry was posted early in 2012 and is entitled “10 Publishing Trends to look out for in 2012”.

I really enjoy George’s perspectives and insights on STM publishing trends and innovations. I think you will find the range of topics (and publishing business modeling implications) is wide and significant Not to mention, it is both fun and meaningful to compare your 2012 experiences with the early year opinions and observations of an expert!

Here is the link to Part One of George’s blog post – be sure to also read Part Two or you will miss descriptions of several trends.


Now, we can review our expectations and begin to fashion our 2013 STM publishing innovations lists.

Happy Holidays to all.