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Every year at this time I take a look around to see what has emerged as STM publishing innovations during the past six to twelve months. And, I always take another assessment in April of the next year to see what may have changed.

This practice is simple: go to your favorite STM publishing sites and review seminars, conferences, blogs posts for information on innovation. Then tally up the common themes among your personal favorite “barometers” and compare to what you, personally, have learned the past several months. Probably most of you already take part in this rewarding practice in some fashion – if not, give it a try and you won’t be sorry.

This year I found some great information associated with the 2012 seminars of STM (International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers). STM sponsored an Innovations Seminar in May 2012 in Washington DC and has another one on the docket for December 2012 in London.

Go to the link below and check out:

STM Innovations Seminar 2012 – Reinventing Innovation – May 2012 Washington DC


For a top line of the seminar, here is a link to a great post from Paula Gantz on the Publishing Perspectives blog (www.publishingperspectives.com) summarizing the main presentations.


The seminar recognized a few prominent examples of STM publishing innovations:

  1. Elsevier’s Article of the Future, specifically the interactive nature of the online format. Watch the video Elsevier produced to highlight the innovative features of the Article of the Future: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dXkmgkYuEg
  2. River Valley (http://www.rivervalleytechnologies.com/) using WordPress to help handle the scieintific article composition process.
  3. Semantic targeting by Temis adding annotated metadata to scientific content. Read more at the Temis site: http://tagline.temis.com/

If this information on innovation has whet your appetite, take a look at the topics and speaker line-up for the next STM (International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers) seminar on innovations:

STM Innovations Seminar 2012 – Innovation Impacts in STM: New Metrics, Big Data, Cool Apps – December 2012 London