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If you’ve ever attended the Association for Writers & Writing Programs annual conference— known by most as the AWP— you are familiar with the hectic schedule, the after-hours events, the conflicting pull to attend multiple panels at the same time, the hashtags, and the Bookfair space that allows readers and writers to interact with their favorite publications and publishers.

The AWP Bookfair is a unique place. Those who attend share a passion for print that is near and dear to Sheridan’s heart. There were a number of wonderful publications on display this year, many whose beautiful wrappers were rivaled only by the content inside.

Some publications displayed their print editions and explained why there is value in pairing them up with a strong web presence. Others spoke of the merit of print only and the value of high quality material and printing. As a printing company and an online solutions provider, both of these conversations are of value to Sheridan.

For several years now, Sheridan has manned a booth at the Bookfair. We’ve held contests, displayed many of our customers’ work— like The Paris Review, The Georgia Review, N + 1, One Story, and many others—and we always bring potato chips (Utz®, to any devotees out there!) to represent our hometown of Hanover, PA. This year in Seattle, we conducted a haiku contest and added a few new goodies to our booth. If you were at AWP in either wing of the Bookfair, you probably received some sort of snack food from me, as I hand-delivered treats to many exhibitors (Sheridan fortune cookies are a great way to start the day).

Sheridan’s Literati Moment; the Joy of Exhibiting at AWPFor Sheridan, the AWP Bookfair is an opportunity for us to connect with our literary customers and to meet new people and new publications. I loved hearing from those who take a trans media approach to publishing. And I loved discussing how Sheridan can help with technology offerings like eBook conversion, Dynamic Editions, and augmented reality.

I was grateful to meet many new people and new publishers at this year’s event. From square trim sizes to hand-stitched chapbooks, there were so many unique and beautiful displays. It was fantastic to be surrounded by creative people with a passion for what they do.

Some may say that print is dying, but the AWP Conference and Bookfair certainly proves otherwise. Rather, at AWP print is thriving, supported by great editors and writers and a social marketing approach that encompasses content online and on paper. I think that Sheridan fits well in this environment — as a print and online technology partner that appreciates the esthetic of literary reviews, supports creative ideas, and puts high quality literary work on paper and online.