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The Sheridan Print-to-Mobile QR Code program has been in operation for nearly two years now. One of our main takeaways is that some Print-to-Mobile programs are best designed as long-term strategies.

Perhaps the most insightful Print-to-Mobile business development seeks to expand the boundaries of the printed page with simple, repetitive, and highly strategic use of the codes – planned across an extended stretch of time.

We have collected some ideas from our QR Code campaign experiences that may help you design successful initiatives. These ideas center on QR Code programs being targeted as Annual Campaigns. The approach is to design your QR Code campaign – be it informational or advertising driven – around 12-months or longer duration.

Below are a few descriptions that take advantage of the Annual Campaign concept for designing your Print-to-Mobile identity.

Annual QR Code Programs and Packages:


Author Programs

  • QR Codes printed in a publication can be directed to a web site page where author and contributor information is located. The QR Code will provide easy access to critical author information such as: manuscript submission and art guidelines, publication policy, copyright and permission guidelines, etc.

General Public Information Services and Scholastic Programs

  • Public Service – information pieces such as handouts, brochures, and publicity posters can contain printed QR Codes that lead to additional web information locations.
  • Scholastic/Educational – same as Public Service except focused entirely on Scholastic Programs. CME Programs are the same as Scholastic/Educational except focused entirely on CME Programs.


Conference Packages

  • Print QR Codes on conference materials – codes leading to calendar of events, supplemental data, roundtables, bios of speakers. Keep a uniform appearance of how you display the codes on the printed materials across the various conferences you sponsor throughout the year.

Subscription packages

  • House ads with printed QR Codes leading to mobile optimized subscription sites
  • Use QR Codes to offer “promotions” to boost subscriptions.

Membership packages

  • House ads with printed QR Codes leading to special member programs and benefits
  • Membership literature printed QR Codes leading to special member programs and benefits


  • Direct to Media – manage access to video library, article library, pharma library, collections of content. Go directly into the library via QR code and make choices of materials to rent or purchase.
  • Digital Media kits –QR code directed to Digital Media kits. Publishers can also convert the Digital Media kits into Digital Editions prior to the QR Code links being printed

Drop me a note to talk over any of these QR Code annual program ideas.