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For authors, the decision to self-publish is a big one. Making the choice to market, and be the advocate of, your own writing can be a huge but rewarding undertaking. But designing the publication itself—its cover art, the paper choices—without guidance or help, those tasks can be overwhelming.

For author Nathaniel Kressen, finding the best fit for his work was a labor of love. When he decided to self-publish he first looked into print-on-demand options, but ultimately decided to work with Sheridan and produce a larger run of his work, which can now be found in more than 20 locations coast-to-coast.

We were happy to help Kressen work through the process. As he says, we were the muscle to his muse, exploring paper stocks, cover options, everything that we could to make sure that he was completely satisfied and proud of the final results.

You can read more about his process and how he reached the decision to work with Sheridan in his blog post, “Why Self-Publishing Was the Best Thing I Could Have Done for My Novel,” first published in Electric Literature’s blog, The Outlet: http://electricliterature.com/blog/2013/10/28/why-self-publishing-was-the-best-thing-i-could-have-done-for-my-novel/

From his initial goals and research to the end results, Kressen offers some great insight for future self-publishers who are as interested in the quality of the printed piece as they are in the content.