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Sheridan’s Global Print Alliance and Global Print Allianceits membership in the International Printer’s Network (IPN) Global — an international network of leading-edge companies in the print, visual communications, and graphic arts industries — aren’t really “new.”

At Sheridan, we’ve been participating in these international strategic alliances for most of the last decade. However, we continue to see that these relationships truly extend and support the Sheridan culture, and our shared customer focus continually reinforces our print partnership choices.

Sheridan Chief Operating Officer Pat Stricker says, “We have always felt that those with whom we partner need to have the same company values, business goals, employee culture, and reputation for achieving high levels of customer service and quality as Sheridan does. Hence, seeing ongoing examples that we all think and function in that way — even though we are oceans apart — is truly comforting and heartwarming.”

Many Sheridan customers’ print needs span the globe. To give them the best delivery times, offer optimum cost efficiencies, and achieve a smaller carbon footprint, we forged alliances with print partners strategically positioned around the world. Sheridan print facilities handle all North American print needs. Our partners in the U.K. are Clays Ltd. and Hobbs; in Asia, we work mainly with Markono; and in Australia, our predominant partner is OPUS. To expand our network even further abroad, we have access to additional members located in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America as well as within the U.S. as a member of IPN Global.

Hobbs Printers of the UK

Hobbs Printers of the U.K. team members meet with Sheridan representatives at the IPN Global meeting in South Africa.
From left to right: Paul Loy (Sheridan), Graham Bromley (Hobbs), Pat Stricker (Sheridan), and David Hobbs (Hobbs).

The “engine” to Sheridan’s distributed print service is our proprietary automated print-on-demand system, Sheridan Select™. Customers can initiate print orders through a dedicated central product print portal that funnels the orders to appropriate print service providers around the globe. To meet customer needs, we’ve successfully used Sheridan Select capabilities with other print organizations outside of our existing networks.

The Sheridan print leadership team meets with members of the alliance and other IPN Global members at least annually. Stricker and Paul Loy, Sheridan Vice President of Operations, recently traveled to Cape Town, South Africa, for one of the three annual IPN Global meetings, which Vrij and Karuna Harry of Harry’s Printers in Africa generously hosted. The meetings are very interactive learning opportunities for all involved.

Harry's Printers

Harry’s Printers team members meet with Sheridan representatives at the IPN Global meeting.
From left to right: Paul Loy (Sheridan), Vrij and Karuna Harry (owners of Harry’s Printers in South Africa where the conference took place), and Pat Stricker (Sheridan).

Despite the distance, we share a common mindset and approach. All of our supported and empowered employees go above and beyond to deliver the highest-quality products for our customers. Partners like these make our commitment to our customers’ needs even easier to achieve.