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Experience and expertise. Sheridan has steadfastly served the scholarly journal publishing community for generations—through some of its most significant evolutions. Speaking of evolutions, your content takes many forms as it evolves from manuscript to article to coded data to print publication and/or an array of online deliverables. The content continuum these days is sophisticated and ever-changing to comply with technological advances and accessibility rulings. Journal printing specialists like Sheridan are absolutely committed to supporting journal publishers at every stage of the continuum. Our services are broad to cover those stages—exactly what you’d expect from a journal specialist. They are also visionary, as we at Sheridan develop powerful and proprietary workflows and tools for you.


  • Unparalleled copyediting and composition services
  • Electronic encryption and creation
  • Industry-vetted online publishing platform
  • Our powerful universal print management system
  • The highest-quality printing—digital, inkjet, sheetfed, and web
  • Print-on-demand and global distributed print and custom print solutions
  • Secure article ePrints and mobile editions
  • eCommerce platforms for journals, anthologies, and subscriptions

Whether you publish one industry-leading peer-reviewed journal or several dozen STM publications, whether you adhere to an online publishing model or offer custom publishing in a variety of print and technology platforms, Sheridan has a solution that fits. Expect more from us.