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Have you looked back over your in-home rates for the first half of the year and wondered “what’s going on here?” In an article from GovernmentExecutive.com the Inspector General cites that the Postal Service has increasingly missed its own delivery deadlines in 2015 despite loosening them at the beginning of the year. Delayed mail processing increased 48 percent in the first six months of the year compared to 2014.

The IG partially blamed a harsh winter; delays have decreased each month since January. Such dips were also present last year, however, and the gaps between 2014 and 2015 delivery have persisted consistently month over month. The IG also identified operational changes, including the consolidations of a huge swath of the Postal Service’s processing and distribution facility network, as another factor contributing to the increase in delays. An unanticipated issue was the Postal Service’s inability to put the proper number of workers in the appropriate timeslots. Transfers to new locations and the loss of pay differentials when transitioning from night to day shifts also had an effect on the workforce.

The second phase of the consolidation of facilities has been delayed indefinitely while the Postal Service works to identify and fix problems causing the delays.

Fall mailing season starts this September. Hopefully the USPS will have corrections in place to rectify the situation by then.