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Savings AheadYes, it finally happened! The USPS will reverse the 2013 Exigent Rate Increase on April 10, 2016. Remember when the rate increased? It was right before Christmas 2013. It probably was the worst Christmas present for catalogers. The request was originally approved to collect $2.7 billion had another $1.9 billion added to it last summer and the rate remained.

Now, the $4.6 billion in relief has been met and the surcharge will be lifted. Depending on the mail class and sort levels, most commercial mailers will see their rates drop a little over 4%. The revised rates can be accessed and reviewed by downloading the Market Dominant Pricing Files from the USPS Postal Explorer website here.

Let us know if you’d like to review how the roll back will directly affect you. We have a sharp postal affairs team here at Sheridan who is ready to help you find the best way to mail your publications. Click here.