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Looking for new places to sell books – where your books aren’t returnable?  Interested in discovering new groups of buyers – outside of bookstores?

Armed with years of experience in selling and marketing to non-bookstores, Brian Jud, the Executive Director of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales, guest presented the latest Sheridan Books webinar How to Sell More Books to Non-Bookstore Buyers.

Brian kept the audience engaged and got their wheels spinning using real examples and some humor to break down the process of finding new buyers and selling books outside of bookstores.

From selling to retailers and non-retailers, fiction or non-fiction, he revealed:

  • New ways of looking at your content so you can uncover new sales opportunities
  • How to find potential buyers – ones that you never knew existed
  • Tips for selling to buyers, including: associations, government agencies, libraries, the academic market, the military, and more
  • Websites and contact information for various places and people that can help you find new sales channels

This presentation left my head spinning with all the ways I could go out and market and sell my book.  Now only if I had written one…

Don’t let the opportunity to learn how you can sell more books pass you by.  View the webinar and download the Q&A here.