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Papa John's Pizza BookHot from the oven and hot off the press, the story of Papa John’s Pizza has been captured in writing and crafted into a stunning book.

The Beginning

Papa John’s Pizza started in a broom closet in 1984 and is now one of the world’s leading pizza businesses.  Similarly, Sheridan MI can trace its roots back to a small building with only six employees and has grown into the leading printer it is today with a worldwide reach.

The Book

In working with the publisher, Koehler Books, Sheridan was entrusted to produce a finished product that was not only pleasing to the eye but would help bring the story to life. On the inside, 4-color text printing and an uncoated text stock give the pages a historic feel. On the outside, an embossed foil stamped dust jacket beautifully complements the case binding, making sure this book is around for years to come.

Sheridan is proud to have been a part of producing this title and, like Papa John’s, is an example that big things can come from small beginnings.