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The Value Publishers Offer Authors

What’s the most important ingredient in the recipe for book publishing success? There are many correct answers, including timing, marketing, and pricing. While all those factors fluctuate, one...

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Avoid These 7 Cover Design Mistakes

Many in the publishing industry agree that a book’s cover is its number one marketing tool. Yet, the Internet is full of hilarious and grimace-inducing examples of bad book covers. Don’t sell your...

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eCommerce Moving To Print?

From guest blogger, Greg Graalfs, Sales Representative for Sheridan Books… How often have we in the print business been asked, “How much longer do you think printed books will survive?” Or, “Isn’t...

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10 Top US Books Festivals for 2014

Last September, guest blogger Michael Rosen shared a list of some of the largest book festivals in the U.S.   He also provided insight on how these festivals are a great way for publishers to sell...

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Adobe, the eBook Protector?

In January 2014, Adobe released Adobe Digital Editions 3.0* that along with some reader enhancements allows for a more secure digital rights management (DRM) scheme. This upgraded version is...

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How to Choose the Right Printer

Today, a printer is more than just a printer — a printer is a partner who supports your entire business model. So how do you determine which printer is right for you? If you want a simple way to...

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