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Three Steps to Print-Ready PDFs

The book is complete. Editing has signed off, the cover design is perfect, production has completed layout. It’s time to go to print. But wait: The files you sent to the printer aren’t formatted...

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Maximize Your ROI – Return On Ideas

Publishing companies need to innovate regularly to create new value for their customers. But innovation in itself should not be the final goal. Not only must you spot opportunities, but you should...

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Tools for Becoming More Customer Centric

Are publishers customer focused? This question was raised recently in a Scholarly Kitchen blog post, and the thought-provoking answers of nine industry insiders were far from definitive. There was...

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Four Steps to Greater Profits

Publishers want to increase sales with new books and new ways to market them.  Yet in practice they may wait for authors to submit manuscripts and then sell the published books through bookstores...

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