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The Sheridan book facility that you know today began as a small commercial printing facility in 1950 with only six employees.  Over the years, new equipment was added, operations relocated, services expanded, workflows improved, and staffing ramped up to support the growing business and to stay in step with the evolving industry.  Today, Sheridan MI has over 300 employees dedicated to serving the print and publishing needs of publishers, authors, university presses, and associations.

In 2016, over 6.3 billion pages were printed on our presses, bound into books, and sent to places all over the world.  In addition, over 44,700 products (including both printed and electronic content) were sold through our eCommerce sites.

I wonder if those six employees in 1950 ever imagined their print facility growing into one of the leading book printing and publishing services providers that it has become today?

Check out our 2016 Sheridan MI by the Numbers infographic for a look back at 2016.

Sheridan MI 2016 By the Numbers