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Publishers’ needs to have one print file and print it all over the world for local distribution, versus printing in one location and then shipping it all over the world, is growing. 

At the 2014 Book Manufactures Institute (BMI) Management Conference, Mike Seagram, Sheridan Books President and COO, shared his insights and observations on the internationalization of book production during an interview with Eric Vessels, President of What They Think.

Eric Vessels interviews Mike Seagram, President and COO of Sheridan Books, Inc

Mike states, “…it really is the pressure of bringing costs down for publishers, meeting the need of getting books to market faster, and not duplicating efforts of printing with different locations around the world” that is driving the internationalization of book production.

“The ideal they [publishers] are striving towards is:

  • to have a situation where they can provide one print file to a sourced printer who will then parse the file to other print partners around the world,
  • to have those books printed in a local location where they can then be distributed from,
  • to save transportation costs,
  • and not have to duplicate efforts of staff…

…and speed to market is very important.”

The interview also addresses the concern of consistency of quality and color by having books printed in different locations and the measures taken to reduce or even eliminate that concern.

Mike shares that what the publisher is ultimately looking for is to “make this as easy for them as it possibly can be.  So they can give one print order, and one file, and receive one invoice, whether they are working with two, three, or four different printers around the world.”

To watch the interview click here.

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