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11/20/2013 – 9:23am Laura Baker

Charts and GraphsThere are many website analytics tools, all slightly different and all capable of delivering different information: clickstream analysis tools, competitive intelligence tools, voice-of-customer tools, and more. Customer experience is a moving target, and the analytics you need to determine whether your website is reaching your audience are constantly changing.

What you need is concrete information to help you continually improve your website. In the Sheridan Books webinar Website Analytics: How to Use to Your Advantage, Sheridan presents a detailed overview of the tools and techniques you can use to gather this information and put it to use.

The webinar explains that understanding your analytics is an ongoing process that begins by asking the right questions. For example, instead of asking, “How many visitors did our site have last month?” focus your approach to solve business questions: “What are the most influential buckets of content on our website?” and “How can we increase website revenue by 15% in the next three months?”

You can then move forward by following best practices that help your website become an asset rather than an expense:

  • Identify objectives.
  • Design and implement a strategy.
  • Track your data.
  • Perform analysis and testing.
  • Share data through reports.
  • Refine the process to improve customer experience and Web-related revenue.

When you have a solid process in place for reviewing the information customer’s provide, website analytics can help you find ways to improve all aspects of your book publishing business.

To delve deeper and gain practical tips on how you can use website analytics to improve book sales, download the Sheridan Books webinar Website Analytics: How to Use to Your Advantage.