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Today, a printer is more than just a printer — a printer is a partner who supports your entire business model. So how do you determine which printer is right for you? If you want a simple way to handle the full spectrum of printing needs for your title, from test marketing to long runs to digital editions, you need a printer who can provide turnkey solutions that simplify your workflow.

Start with the foundation: physical printing

When choosing a printer, think about the type of printing that will best suit your needs:

  • On-demand — Do you need quick turnaround for print-on-demand and one-off orders from one to a couple hundred copies? If so, digital toner printing is right for you.
  • Digital inkjet printing — If you’re looking for short runs up to 2,000 copies, consider digital inkjet printing, which offers superior color quality compared to digital toner printing.
  • Offset printing — Are large print runs from 2,000 to 100,000 the norm for your business? Offset printing offers exceptional black or color quality.

To ensure quality for any size print run, look for a printer with high standards. Use a specialist who is G7 certified in the field of color management, process, and quality control for proofing and printing equipment. The level of expertise from G7 certified specialists is unmatched. G7 certified printers:

  • Analyze color- and print-related issues
  • Take corrective action
  • Bring systems and processes in control to a set method, standard, or specification
  • Provide repeatable, predictable results
  • Are qualified by the IDEAlliance G7 Expert training

Once you have found a printer that is qualified to handle your most precise print needs, it’s a natural extension to ensure that your partner can also include a full range of eBook and technology services to ensure complete service for your titles.

Geared for the future

Choose a printer who incorporates new technologies into their workflow and products. Moving seamlessly from print to electronic is vital, so make sure your printer offers an eBook creation process that integrates with your existing workflow.

In addition, be sure that your printer isn’t just uploading files, but has the technological capability to provide solutions throughout every stage of the eBook process from conversion to distribution:

Conversion — Ask about the different formats available for conversion to ensure your book can be read on multiple device types.

Encryption — Do you want the ability to select what titles you can secure to protect against unauthorized redistribution? Ask what Digital Rights Management options are available and how they can be customized to fit your needs.

Distribution — How will you get your books into readers’ hands? Ask your printer what options are available for electronic distribution and how they can help you.

Regardless of your print needs, finding a reliable print partner is a critical part of your business’s future success.  A great printer will support you with customized solutions today and continually work to support your changing needs long into the future.


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