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Laptop and BooksThe cover sells the book! As a result, publishers channel a lot of attention and effort into cover design. You can focus that effort with the Sheridan Books’ Component Template Creator. This tool provides a simple way to calculate the precise spine width that you need to build into your cover design so that it will fit the printed book exactly.

To use the template creator to make a professional, customized cover, open the tool from the link on the Sheridan website. The system opens in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and then you simply follow the prompts:

  1. Input the trim width, height, page count, type of paper, PPI, type of stock, and type of binding. If it’s a soft-cover bind, you’re done!
  2. For a hard-cover binding, you just provide a bit more information about the cover material and dust jacket specifications.
  3. Finally, if the book will have inserts, you need to provide the insert stock PPI information. A handy drop-down menu lets you easily enter the cover’s specifications, and the tool does the rest.

Printing machines don’t always measure everything perfectly, so this tool notes any possible disparities. The template creator handles various production variables, including size, paper stock, and type of cover. The result is a professional and clean cover.

Designers can submit cover designs without using this fitting tool, though not recommended, and Sheridan Books can adjust the design for the final printed book. However, many designers don’t want a third party adjusting their design once it’s complete and this opens up room for errors. The Component Template Creator lets publishers and designers produce their own cover so that the design remains exactly the way they want it.

With the tool’s simple and clear process, you can’t go wrong: The Component Template Creator gives you an easy-to-use, accurate, and foolproof resource for creating your next best-selling cover.