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Top TrendsAs new books continue to be written and published at an increasing rate, it is more important than ever for publishers, suppliers, and associations to monitor the trends and adapt in order to stay relevant in the industry.

On February 23, 2017, Book Business/Printing Impressions hosted a webinar on this very topic titled Top Trends: What Publishers Should Expect in 2017.  The webinar presented views form a panel of speakers, each with a different perspective of the industry.

Below are a few highlights from the webinar and complete notes are available for download as a PDF.

  • Print is alive and well but content needs to be made available across all channels
  • Traditional publishing is an expensive business and hybrid publishers will become more and more prominent
  • The Book Industry Study Group is focusing on several initiatives for the year ahead including: the effectiveness of the supply chain for physical books, digital book standards, pain points of optimizing content workflows, and developing rights management use cases
  • Manufacturers have noticed certain trends impacting book publishing along with the importance of inventory management and quickness to market.

Download your copy of my notes from the webinar today!