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Sheridan_Flag “On National Manufacturing Day, we celebrate all those who proudly stand behind our goods and services made in America, and we renew or commitment to winning the race for the jobs of tomorrow” proclaimed President Obama in 2014 as he declared the first Friday in October to be celebrated as National Manufacturing Day.  On this day, manufacturers are invited to open their doors collaboratively to show what manufacturing is, and isn’t, inspiring young people to pursue careers in manufacturing and engineering. 

One look inside the Sheridan Books facility in Chelsea, Michigan and it is hard not to be inspired by what goes on here. Breathtaking machinery larger than a school bus stops you in your tracks as you watch rolls of paper whirl through and sheets of paper whiz by.  Joining printed pages with their respective covers and cases, binders hum along, outputting up to 100,000 bound books each day.  Day in and day out, our plant runs like clockwork, smooth and without pause.  And the pulse behind it all – our highly skilled and dedicated employees. 

From the pressroom and bindery workers responsible for making sure the equipment is calibrated to guarantee the best quality for each job, to our front end specialists responsible for configuring each job for production, to all other departments who keep Sheridan running at full-speed and ensure customer satisfaction, our pride in what we do runs deep at Sheridan. 

So on this day, and every day, we welcome you to take a tour of Sheridan Books from the convenience of your seat and see just what it takes to make books come to life!