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Best Bet for Your Next Book Festival

For book lovers, authors, and publishers, book festivals are a tradition. They bring together all players in the publishing arena with the thrill of a dynamic, face-to-face event. For book...

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Is “e” Dead?

A contrarian approach or perhaps just wishful thinking from a long time book manufacturer.  On Sunday, I boarded a plane for the Association of American University Presses (AAUP) meeting in New...

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10 Top US Books Festivals for 2014

Last September, guest blogger Michael Rosen shared a list of some of the largest book festivals in the U.S.   He also provided insight on how these festivals are a great way for publishers to sell...

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Adobe, the eBook Protector?

In January 2014, Adobe released Adobe Digital Editions 3.0* that along with some reader enhancements allows for a more secure digital rights management (DRM) scheme. This upgraded version is...

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