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AAdobe Digital Editions eBookdobe has announced the release of Adobe Digital Editions for IOS devices.  Previously, end consumers needing to view Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected content were limited to Adobe Digital Editions for Mac and PC and Bluefire for IOS devices.  The expansion of Adobe Digital Editions allows consumers to have a single eBook reader for their DRM protected books across their iPad, Mac or PC (not available for iPhone).


Adobe Digital Editions is free to download and can be used to read ePub and PDF books both online and offline.  A few of the many features include the ability to highlight passages and add notes, support for multi-column layouts, a custom library to organize your downloads, and stats on how much time you spend reading your books each day.

As noted earlier, readers with IOS devices were previously limited to the eBook reader, Bluefire.  While Bluefire provides a great reading experience for DRM protected content, the addition of Adobe Digital Editions provides more choices for readers as well as healthy competition.  While it’s too early to tell how the market will receive the new Adobe Digital Editions App for IOS, the winner will clearly be the end consumer.