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As publishers and authors work to promote their titles, social media has become a major facet of the marketing picture. Most people quickly answer Facebook messages, tweets, and even email links received from their friends; this level of involvement makes social media book endorsement a viable marketing method. People trust word-of-mouth recommendations, and social media allows you to reach your target audience anytime, anywhere with those recommendations.

The best way to successfully harness social media marketing is to use multiple approaches:

  • Word-of-mouth energy is highest right after readers finish a title, so a good way to capture that energy is to make it easy for readers to spread the word. Consider including QR codes on books to quickly connect readers to your Web presence.
  • Make it easy for social media users who receive book recommendations to quickly find and buy the title. You gain nothing from a book recommendation for a title that no one can access, so it’s imperative that you make links available to a mobile-optimized site that has global buying options.
  • Make your book discoverable by posting your title in multiple places. Start by creating a Facebook page to promote your offerings, conduct reader polls, promote contests, and so on. Take advantage of the short-format of Twitter to post content snippets that draw in readers. Also take time to participate in social media websites focused on literary pursuits.
  • Target the sites that are visited by your particular audience. For example, engineers might use general social media sites, but they should also post information to blogs and forums that they visit for their work. If you’re trying to reach workers in a certain trade, start a conversation on an industry forum that leads participants to your title.

Make sure all of your social media offerings are more than just PR plugs for your company. Doing so risks alienating readers and misses the opportunity to truly engage your audience in a conversation.

Marketing your title is an ongoing effort, but social media presents publishers and authors with new and creative ways to get readers’ attention.

For additional tips on how to maximize your marketing efforts, check out the Sheridan Books white paper 10 Tips for Marketing Your eBook or Print Book.