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by Susan Wiercinski

In the September issue, Multichannel Merchant Magazinecovered the new role print catalogs are playing for retail merchants. It used to be that catalogs were thought of...

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by Brian Jud

Creating your marketing strategy defines what you will do (as described in my earlier post Six Rules for Creating a Solid Book Marketing Strategy). The...

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by Joe Thomson

In October of 2004 Wired Magazine published the article The Long Tail, addressing the changing retail environment.  The article laid out the challenges bricks and...

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by Susan Parente

Are your ad sales anemic? Barely status quo? In today’s challenging magazine environment, is there even a way to move ad sales performance from average to exceptional? In a word, Yes. What’s more, highly successful ad sales...

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by Brian Jud

Did you ever think about taking a long trip? If so, you probably thought about how you would get to your destination, perhaps traveling by car, plane, train or bus. Then you planned where to stay each night, what to pack and how much it would all...

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by Emily Fadden

Ingesting a snack at The Scholarly Kitchen has my own association-minded ideas baking. Robert Harington’s post,...

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by Kelly Freeburger

There are countless articles, blogs, even entire websites offering advice to authors considering self-publishing their book or manuscript. From start to finish authors can find advice on how to get into book stores, how to do their own...

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by Brian Jud

As businesspeople we recognize the importance of planning. As book publishers we understand the process of writing a book. What if you combine these concepts and write a plan as you would a book? It would have characters, plots, sub-plots, action...

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by Laura Baker

For some publishers, printing and eBooks go hand in hand. For others, their titles are converted to eBooks later, or even released exclusively as eBooks. Regardless of whether you’re releasing both simultaneously or converting existing titles,...

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