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Pricing Ads in Digital Editions: Part 1

Publishers often ask me “How much should I charge for my digital ads?”

From time to time, I scan the web and other sources for hard data on this topic. It’s not very easy to find, in my experience. What follows is an example of some prices for a consumer quarterly with the following circulation specs:

Fall 75,000
Winter 75,000
Spring 100,000
Summer 100,000

Our example is a specialty publication distributed mostly at a variety of events and outlets including retail. Its 4C full-page ad rate is $8,500 at 1x.

The rates below assume an existing print ad has been purchased. Note also that this business model assumes that all links are not automatically being made active as part of the digital edition production process.

Digital Edition Issue Sponsorship (let’s assume this is an exclusive)

  • Issue Sponsorship
  • Flash Enhancements to Existing Advertisement - one per issue
  • Multimedia File Insertions - one per issue
    $5,500/per issue

Digital Edition a la carte Options

  • Issue Sponsorship
  • Additional ad page adjacent to Digital Edition cover
  • Animated hyperlink to your website or any preferred URL
  • Digital Delivery Sponsorship – Highlighted in the delivery of issue notifications (emails)
    $4,800 (1x)

Flash Enhancement to Existing Advertisement & Blow-In Cards

  • Subtle flash designed to enhance existing display ad
  • Animated hyperlink to your website or any preferred URL
    $800 (1x); $640 (4x)

Multimedia File Insertion: Video, Audio & Blow-In Cards

  • Insertion of advertiser supplied multimedia for existing display advertisement
  • Animated hyperlink to your website or any preferred URL
    $425 (1x); $340 (4x)

Digital Edition Hyperlink

  • Animated hyperlink to your website or any preferred URL
    $425 (1x); $340 (4x)

Digital Edition Supplemental Insert (Digital Brochure)

  • Your marketing brochure (up to 24 pages) digitized and set up to launch from your existing ad Unique Digital Edition URL for use as a stand-alone digital marketing brochure
  • Hosting & reporting included for 12 months
  • Enhancements and additional pages priced separately

Perhaps you can adjust these numbers based on your print runs, market demographic, and full-page print ad rate to come up with your own digital rate card. Email me if you’d like help in this endeavor ( or if you come across any other digital rate cards we can share here. Next post, we’ll look at another way of calculating digital ad rates.



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