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Adobe, the eBook Protector?

In January 2014, Adobe released Adobe Digital Editions 3.0* that along with some reader enhancements allows for a more secure digital rights management (DRM) scheme. This upgraded version is...

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How to Choose the Right Printer

Today, a printer is more than just a printer — a printer is a partner who supports your entire business model. So how do you determine which printer is right for you? If you want a simple way to...

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How’s Your Website Health?

11/20/2013 – 9:23am Laura Baker There are many website analytics tools, all slightly different and all capable of delivering different information: clickstream analysis tools, competitive...

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For the Love of Print

For authors, the decision to self-publish is a big one. Making the choice to market, and be the advocate of, your own writing can be a huge but rewarding undertaking. But designing the publication...

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